It can be hard to realize your dreams when you don’t know where to start. Through our consultative process we work together to sort through that beautiful mess of information that has been living in your head to create a plan of action. We are renegades, so there is no script to our creativity, but here’s the framework of our approach.

Consultative Design

Ever heard of the slow food movement? It’s all about craft and care from soil to table—a standout among quick, cheap food and lackluster service. We like to think our approach is based on the same concept. Our designs are thoughtfully and carefully cultivated at the ground level, partnering with you to uncover needs. Then those ideas are created and refined by our designers, and ultimately brought to fruition by our carpentry team. The process and the finished product are delivered with top-notch, caring service, and the end result is a beautiful product built with care. Sound good? Order up.

Our Approach

\ 01 Approach

Brain Dump and Q&A

We’ll shake hands and get acquainted. Before diving into any details, we’ll talk about the big picture of your project, ask and answer questions, and assess fit.

\ 02 Approach

Site Visit and Follow-Up Meeting

Let’s see your space! At this meeting we’ll go where the action happens. We’ll brainstorm innovative ideas and start digging deeper into your needs and wants.

\ 03 Approach

Conceptual Design

With a curated understanding of your needs and desires, we’ll create a unique design and refine it to perfection.

\ 04 Approach


After all approvals, your original design will come to life in our workshop. Interested in seeing it built? We would be happy to have you visit during the construction. Come check it out!

\ 05 Approach


We love it when a plan comes together! After the culmination of all our hard work, our carpenters will deliver and install your unique creation. The end–until next time!

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